How well do you know yourself? We don’t mean your favourite band or what you like to do at the weekend, we’re talking about your motives, preferences and communication style. These are the things that hugely affect the way in which you work and interact with others; if you don’t fully understand yourself, it’s unlikely that anyone else will either.

We often use personality profiling tools, such as Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) and Team Management System (TMS), as a means of helping employees and entire teams to work well under any circumstances. Improving your understanding of yourself and your colleagues means that surprises, challenges and problems can be successfully handled and even prove to be an enriching experience.

By nipping problems in the bud, addressing issues and developing a mutually beneficial strategy, every team member can minimise the levels of stress caused by miscommunication, conflict and stubbornness.

This can be delivered as a team building event, a leadership development programme or one-to-one coaching sessions.

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