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To Those Who Dare | Blog

Whenever I meet someone new inevitably the first question I’m asked is “Great name, where’s that from?” or words to that effect.

If you’ve browsed over the website you will have come across the inspiration behind the company name on the "Who we are" page. For those who haven’t, here is the short answer, it comes from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt, referred to as the Man in the Arena, which he gave in Paris in 1910.

For me the name captures my philosophy about life, business and learning. Whenever we need to make a change, learn a new skill or adapt new ways of behaving it involves taking a risk and that means daring to dare greatly.

There is always a chance that we will not always get it right; our ideas may fail, others may look at us with pity in their eyes, at times we may even question our own sanity, but for me it is better to try than to wonder what might have been.

So please let me know, how do you dare greatly?

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