As the old saying goes, there’s no I in team. However, at Dare Greatly we have to disagree, as each individual brings an array of specific skills, philosophies, practical knowledge and problem solving abilities to the group, which could prove invaluable. The important thing is that each “I” is working with the rest of the team to achieve the goal as one.

Every team requires a range of skills to work efficiently and effectively, including leadership, vision, strategy, direction, good relationships and clear communication. Great teams are also capable of adapting to any situation, from amended customer requirements, to reduced timeframes and budgets. Whether you think it’s down to internal or external factors, last-minute changes or other obstacles, if a team fails, it’s usually due to something that could have been avoided with better planning and communication.

Dare Greatly works with teams as a whole, as well as individually with its members, helping everyone to recognise their own strengths and find a balanced approach to bring these skills together to create the right results.

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